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Hi everyone,


Okay, this is a really weird question, but I'm hoping that some of you might be able to help.


Dates aren't available here, and, in fact, even when I used the Spanish name for dates, people in several supermercados had no idea what I was talking about. I have the pits from several wonderful Deglet Noor dates and wonder if they'd survive and maybe even thrive if I planted them. On the one hand, I know that date palms grow in arid places, but I also know that in CA (where I'm from originally), they had to water them.






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Gayle, Our friends who now live in Neuvo Arenal have a palm plantation in Palm Springs. They have tried here, many times, but alas have had no success in getting any to grow and produce fruit.


That does not mean that they may not grow 'somewhere' else in Costa Rica. B)


Phoenix roebelenii, AKA, Pygmy date palm may produce fruit here and are found growing throughout the country...including our garden.

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Gayle, I don't think that's a weird question at all, since I was about to ask the same question!


Packaged dates are available at PriceSmart. I just bought some at the Tibás PriceSmart. They were not there for a while but have returned. I plan to buy another package and freeze them, knowing thst if they run out it will take months for them to come back. Seems to be the case with a lot of things.


As for the palms, I was thinking that maybe they would grow in the drier areas i.e. Guanacaste. Is that not the case?

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I am wondering whether the processing of the dates you got at the store would be such that it would kill the seeds. They may use sulphur or other preservatives during the drying process to preserve and stabilize the dates so they will remain good in storage on our shelves for an extended period.


With that in mind I'd be more inclined --if I were you-- to ask around to see if there is anyone in CR growing the correct date palms anywhere and approach them to see if you could secure some seed from them which would be more likely to germinate and grow. You could start the seeds tin containers with an appropriate soil mix and place them under a fiberglass roof to control the rain so the plants don't drown, but watering them as needed.


Maybe try contacting Dr. Ed Bernhardt, founder of The New Dawn Center of Costa Rica and who writes an occasional column for the Tico Times. He ought to know if anyone is growing date palms anywhere in CR.


Buena suerte con su plancito!


Paul M.


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Shea, many varieties of palms grow in Guanacaste, but the wet season can be very wet, (as it is in Neuvo Arenal and much cooler) like it is this year and some palms don't like this.The Pygmy date does produce a smaller fruit, but you will need to have male and female flowers needed to produce a.'dupe'... just like papayas.


Just checked on our Pygmy date palms and see there are some growing


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