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Pensionado Residents Visa

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Ticatiki    0

I was reading in a travel guide, by Moon, to Costa Rica that you can obtain a pensionado residence here in the US from a Costa Rican consulate prior to coming to country. I thought that you had to be in country for a period of time prior to applying for residency.


Is the book correct?

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Epicatt2    0

There was a time several years ago when Residency Applications had to be submitted in one's home country to the Costa Rica Consulate and the Consulare forwarded the application to CR Immigration in San José.


Now we are back to making Residency Applications in Costa Rica.


Sounds like the book you are reading is a tad out-of-date.


Try going to the online site THE REAL COSTA RICA. It is jam-full of info about the country including about making a residency application.




Paul M.


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