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NOTE FORUMS GUIDELINES REMINDER: You may report only that you had an unpleasant experience with such and such business or person but if you name them then you may not elaborate further on your experience.


OR . . . . You may fully describe a negative experience you have had with a person or business BUT WITHOUT naming or identifying the person or business in any way.


Then, in either case, interested Forums members may contact you privately, off-list for more details.


These GUIDELINES are in place because of Costa Rica's strong libel laws.


If you have questions about this please read the Forums Rules & Guidelines.


Thank you.


Paul M.



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Paul, can he at least name the company so people can email him? His post doesn't show any sort of business name.




Yes, the OP does name the business in the title of the thread, therefore anyone replying to the thread may not give full particulars about their experience(s) in the thread if they are negative, but of course they may PM the OP off-list..




Paul M.


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