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That sounds to obvious ... I thought maybe La Lay de Fernandez or something. :P


Spelt that way CRF it kinda sounds like it could be a Spanish Nobleman's mistress. (Is that where the term 'laying down the law' came from?)*


BTW, I just did some research and in México and other parts of Latin America it is, in fact, "La Ley de Murphy'




Paul M.


[ *Sorry, couldn't help myself! ]


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OK but what do you think a Tico would actually say, where we would ‘If anything can go wrong it will’? We will probably need to ask stewart.tb since she seems to ask her husband as she seems to like to know the meaning of certain Costa Rica sayings or someone else married to a Costa Rican.

At this point, I think T&VSmith may have it right, B)although this says otherwise

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I think DanaJ has it right. Pura Vida. . . .


Sorry Criollo, but it's definitely NOT 'Pura Vida'. Originally I too, would have though it was something other than 'la ley de Murphy', but I found out otherwise.


See posts #5, #9, and #11 above in this thread. The confirmations in those posts were all sourced from different ticos who were asked about this phrase.




Paull M.


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