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Forums Registration Issues?

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Dear New User:


Because of the ever-increasing number of false or otherwise fraudulent forums registrations, we are now requiring more information on the registration form. These false or otherwise fraudulent forums registrations are generally from spammers or other persons with some malicious intent. To give you an idea of the numbers, we get between 1,500 to 2,000 or more per month.


As all moderators and admins donate their time reviewing and manually approving new registrations, I want to give some information to those who have registered but not yet been activated. Please read carefully. Here are some reasons you may not yet be able to login and use the Forums:


1. You failed to click on the link sent to all registrants. Nothing starts until you do this. I suggest you read this carefully: http://forums.arcr.net/index.php?/topic/1686-problems-registering/


2. You did not fill out with 100% accuracy all of the required registration information. ANY and that means ANY failure to do this will result in your registration being declined. You will need to register again, this time with total accuracy.


3. You did properly click on the link sent to all registrants, and you did fill out with 100% accuracy all of the required registration information. See Above.


4. Be patient. Manual approvals are handled within 24-36 hours as time permits. If 48 hours passes and you still have no access, then by all means use the contact webmaster link on signin page to inquire about your status. If contacting the webmaster, you MUST send the email from the email account used when registering.


5. You tried to register using a poxy server, a VPN, etc. We do NOT permit this when registering. Turn these OFF before registering or if registering from a business email account.


Thank you


TG and Moderators

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