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I am going to risk the wrath of Paul and ask if you have been pulling our legs or if you really believe all of this stuff? If you are messing with us, well done. And of course you probably won't admit it so that you can continue.


If you aren't messing with us, take a chill pill. You are going to worry yourself into an early grave.



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Okay, newman, we've scrutinized these places. Do you mean just the city of Tunis but the entirety of Lybia, or what?


And, by the way, I care deeply about the Davis Strait.


What's step two.


Are any of them on the way to American Samoa, or is that a separate dither?

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I always enjoy learning more about geography. Davis Strait, as in Davis Strait off the coast of Greenland? Spratly Islands, which to me appear to be a few rocks between Malaysia and Vietnam? What's the connection here?


(Other thing is with climate change, the NW Passage will be open and maybe the Spratly Is will disappear.)


And about Syria, someone make a case for intervention because I don't see it unless it's under UN auspices. Oy, yoy ...





ps: so what else controversial can I drag into this discussion?

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Gentle Forums Members,


The simple answer is, if you find any post to be suspect in its validity or trollish in some way, simply do not reply to it. But if you do feel inclined to reply, then please don't whinge at whatever is forthcoming. Each Forums member must decide for him/herself how to proceed.


I do not wish to take sides in this discussion nor is this post directed at any particular Forums member(s).


However, if someone finds a post is offensive then they may report it to a member of the Moderating Team, off-forums via PM or by using the report button.




Paul M.

Forums Moderator






No dad pábulo a los duendes.

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I shall never post any offensive, rude, intolerant subjects on these, or any other fórums - I am not trolling!! My message concerning Syria is serious, pertinent, and all members should be familiar with these locations in our world in the coming days; let the members form their own opinions should they choose the option of investigation. The only way I can participate in these fórums is to offer information - in this manner, the attacks upon me are at a mínimum - if anyone wishes further collaboration as to my thoughts on these subjects, please feel free to message me - Respectfully

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