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9/11 muslim demonstration

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Just came across the information that the bikers are planning on showing up at the 9/11 Muslim demonstration in Washington DC - I think all patriotic fórum members should show up also - on foot, or on rented or borrowed "HOGs", to lend a hand in the "festivities" - being the humble, non violent, retired USAF/feather merchant that I am, I once again ask if anyone wants to join together to get group cut rate airline, round trip tickets to show our support for the Constitution, Truth, Justice, and the American Way? I want to emphasis again that I believe in, and only would sanction non violence, in accordance with the precepts of Ghandi, and MLK - May God Bless America!!

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Sounds more like smoking while standing in gasoline. I also believe the Constitution says something about free speech and the right to assemble....so why the drama? Let them have their little march and go home, by the next day nobody will remember it unless a bunch of bikers make a fool of themselves.

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All the more reason to go, if possible! I'm at the age where I can't stand for long periods, tire easily; additionally, being a person of limited resources, I would need inexpensive airline tickets/lodging - that having been said, as I consider myself a true Patriot, and American, and am one that is not prepared too forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation (whose sacrifice is being mocked today by the very political entities in elected office) I am willing to attend any function, that honors our Founding Fathers, the Constiution, and what it stands for! As I write this, remembering the history of the 101st Airborne División at Bastogne, those who went ashore at Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Palau, and who were slaughtered on the Bataan death march, and those that stood back to back lobbing grenades for 20 minutes on Pork Chop Hill (just to save themselves) I am totally apalled and disgusted by the attitudes of some of these so called American EXPATS in Costa Rica that think I'm some kind of a joke for actually being and acting as an AMERICAN!

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So you'll be in attendance in Washington, eh, newman? Will that be on your way to American Samoa? Maybe you could work a layover there on 9/22/13 into your relocation. That'd be cheap.


By the way, there is no such thing as a ". . . so called American EXPAT . . ." in Costa Rica or anywhere else. If you are an American citizen living outside the United States, you are, by definition, an expat (short for "expatriot"). It matters not what your political orientation, your religious beliefs, your background or anything else may be. Being a U.S. citizen living outside the U.S. makes you an expat. And you, sir, are no more an expat than any of the rest of us.


If you want to cast aspersions on someone, you need to find an appropriate label. In the meantime, wrapping yourself in the American flag is bound to impress no one other than yourself.

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I second lucybelle! Dave, you said it better than I could!





ps to newman: up until this point, you've been amusing and on occasion made some valid points. Once you pass into bigotry, as you've done here, sorry, but you lost me. Hatred has no place here or anywhere else, IMO. I'm done reading your posts.

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If you are an American citizen living outside the United States, you are, by definition, an expat (short for "expatriot").




I must beg to differ with you on this.


The term 'expat' often gets misconstrued as a shortened form for two separate words: 'epatriot' and 'expatriate'


Expatriot means one who has renounced his homeland.


Expatriate means one who resides outside his native country.


Those of us who have obtained residency in Costa Rica, for instance, and live there are expatriates. Personally, I am definitely not an expatriot.


Hope that clarifies.


Paul M.


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Thank you, Paul M. I wanted to correct but didn't want to step on toes. You did it perfectly. Similar to the way I have to explain the term ExPat to many of my family.


My husband served 27 years in the Marine Corps, fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. We both chose to move away from the US for a multitude of reasons. He would NEVER behave in this way.


Expat DOES NOT EQUAL Ex-PATRIOT. Unless he got kicked off the New England Football team. And then I'd be asking where all that money went to.

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