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aplicando para visa a EEUU

salish sea

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In light of a conversation I had recently with a tica who wanted to visit the U.S.as a tourist,I find the promotion for obtaining a visa somewhat ironic.

This lady is single, has two adult children and owns her own home and a job. She was denied a visa twice. The embassy said she did not have strong connections to CR and might not come back if she were granted a visa as a tourist. This was done after 9/11 but I still can't understand it. Has anyone else heard of such an experience?

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Unfortunately, yes. I personally know 3 people who have been denied a US Visa that were 'responsible' and had their own business.

Before 9/11, Canada did not require a Visa but it changed nearly overnight, stranding people without one, but also has refused the requests from Ticos for a Canadian Visa.

Some now traveling to Canada or somewhere other than the USA, circumvent this US visa demand, by traveling via Mexico.

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It's pretty funny that the Embassy puts out a video encouraging people to apply for a visa -- which is expensive and REALLY hard to get! By the way, as a Costa Rican, you have to apply for and be granted a visa even if you are transiting the US and spend a couple of hours in the country -- at the airport.


It was pretty funny when I was helping a Costa Rican friend fill out the visa and we scratched our heads while trying to figure out the "address" part. We ended up Googling the physical address of LAX and using that! He was flying to Australia and would be in LAX for 2.5 hours and for that privilege, he had to pay $150 (I think....), fill out the form (difficult), take a photo and put it with the form and have a personal interview at the Embassy. (Think: overnight, two bus rides, meals, etc.) So that 2.5 hours turned out to be very expensive.


One Costa Rican lady I know who married a US citizen (he lived in the US) applied for a visa for a visit to the US to meet his family, etc. She was told she couldn't get a visa unless she left her two teenage children behind. (Kind of like a "hostage situation") She owned her own home and had a job and two bank accounts as well as close ties to her immediate family (sisters, brothers, etc). But -- she was refused twice.

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Yeah, it was fun -- but I also question the wisdom of spending Embassy dollars and time on that. I don't agree with the blogger - except on the point that there are SO MANY applications for visas - why try to encourage more people to apply?


I question said wisdom, too, Eleanor...


But maybe it's because the application fee is so large and also totally non-refundable that they have the disposable income to make such vids!




Paul M.


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