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ps to Marco: manzana rosas really are sweet and do have the flavor of roses, if you can imagine that. As I said in my initial post, people either love them or don't. But do try at least one and see what you think. I have never tasted anything like it! Probably the polar opposite of the fruit crf likes!


Gayle (& Gentle Funsters),


I've never had occasion to try this fruit, manzana rosa, but I'm wondering how its flavor compares to lytchis or to rambutans (or mamón chino, as they are called in tiquicia).


Both litchis and the mamones have a light rosewater aftertaste, the lytchis perhaps a bit more-so than the mamones.


And for anyone reading here who doesn't know what a rambutan/mamón chino is, I like to think of it as a 'long-haired lytchi'. The ticos like them a lot and you'll see great quantities of them everywhere in season in Costa Rica.



Paul M.


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Oh, Paul, lychees! I really like manzanas rosas, but lychees are fantastic! I have had mamon chinos, and, although they are lychee-like, they are a poor substitute for the real thing. I'd heard that real lychees are available here for a very short time, but I've never seen them. We had the fresh ones when a trip to Hawaii happened to coincide with lychee season, and the canned ones don't even seem like the same fruit! Mild rose flavor, maybe, but other complex overtones and so drippingly juicy and cool.


Look what you did: now I'll be thinking about them for weeks!



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...now I have to look up pastel de zuquini to see what's in it! ...besides zucchini

And I have to look up "holy yum monsters"! I love that expression!

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