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Communicatiing to other Members

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We take your privacy very seriously! B)


We use the Validation feature to make sure it is YOU who joins, and we then do not publish your email or other information anywhere it can be used for SPAM or for anything other than for communications from the Forum management. We even try to limit this to only very important issues.


If you Post an email address or phone number publically, it is removed immediately to protect all parties.


So how can YOU communicate with your fellow Members?


It is easy!


First, every member has a Username. Mine is Ticogrande.


From any posting, you can see my Username above and to the left of my Post.


You can then click on my username and see my Profile.


On that page you can communicate with me privately! You can choose to either email me or use my Private Mail (PM)


Email sends an email but the return address is webmaster and email info is kept confidential. Answer if you want. Or don't!


PM is similar, except the email is delivered the next time the person logs into the Forums. It is not sent via normal email!


Here are some shortcuts!


At the bottom or ANY Post, you will see various buttons labeled PM, EMAIL, WWW, YM, MSN and maybe others. There may be less depending on whether that Member has updated their Profile Page.


They are direct shortcuts to, Personal Mail, Email, My Website, My Yahoo Chat, and My MSN Chat, respectively.


So, we encourage you to get to know your fellow Members. Make a new friend, ask questions, and enjoy the use of these Forums!



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