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Receiving Private Messages and Email

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TicoGrande    0

By default, when you register, Email is turned OFF.


This requires clarification as many people think that this has to do with email from US. It does not.


When you POST or Reply to a topic, small boxes appear at the bottom of your Post or Reply, one of which is marked Email.


If another Member wishes to email you directly and privately, and you have your email turned OFF, that little box does not appear and they cannot reach you via email.


Important! If you turn this feature ON at registration or later in your My Controls (above top right), folks CAN send you a private email BUT they can never see your email address unless your reply to them. It is totally confidential.


There is also a box marked PM or Private Message. This box allows other to send you a message, but if you are not active in the Forums, it may be some time before you see this message. You DO have the option of having PM notifications sent to you via email. If you want this, you must set that up in your Profile (My Controls).

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