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Why Register?

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The biggest reason you should register here is so you can Read and Post to all the Forums! Some forums, like this one, can be read by anyone, but many are Members only. In the Members only Forums, you can only read the topic headings, but not the Posts or the Replies. You also cannot Post your question nor reply to someone else's Post.


The reason we ask you to register is that we have found that those who do so are far more active in these forums. They read more, they post more, and they generally interact more which benefits everyone.


Registration is free and we do not use your name, email address or any other information for SPAMMING you nor do we rent or sell our mail list. The only thing you may get would be an email from the Forum Master telling you about new feature such as when we added the Gallery a few months ago.


Once you register, an email will be sent to you almost instantly. You MUST respond to that email in order to be activated. This is so someone cannot register here in your name without your permission.


Note: AOL often blocks all email from Costa Rica and many other countries. They do this without your knowledge or permission, and they will deny it if you ask them about it, but it is assuredly true. We strongly urge you to NOT use AOL in general if your expect email to be sent from Costa Rica. If you insist on keeping your AOL account, then please use a different email address to register.


Join us!

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