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You have now registered and you'd like to Post a question or comment.


To create a new topic (a Post), you should first of all consider what is the most relevant forum for your post. We currently have Forums for just about every subject pertaining to Life in Costa Rica, so choose carefully.


Next, READ that Forum or better yet, use the Search feature that is at the top right of every page to see if someone else has already asked the question and received an answer.


If it has not been asked or you can't find it anywhere using Search, then use the NEWTOPIC button to make your Post. Then...


1. a topic title

2. a topic description

3. your question, comment, or whatever.


Fill these in, and scroll down the screen a bit.


Use the Spell Check if you want. Not required, but makes you look ever so much more intelligent! ;)


Now scroll down to see buttons that say "Post New Topic" and "Preview Post"


The Preview lets you see what your Post will look like BEFORE it is added to the Forum. If you choose this, you MUST then scroll down and click the Post New Topic button! If you don't, your Post will not be sent for publication.


The Post New Topic actually sends your Post to the Forom for publication where others members may read it and respond.

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