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Share Christmas pictures!

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Post your Christmas tree or other decorations! Share the spirit!


We just got our tree last weekend from the tree guy in front of Pali. Also convinced my novio to buy me one of those straw reindeer. I made him a bow and it's adorable.


Here's Perlita and our tree (you can see the reindeer at the bottom right)




Instead of an angel or star, we have two birdies at the top.




And here's the stars we put on our gate




Which reminds me, let me go turn everything on!!!

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a friend made tamales w/ her neighbor - took 6 hrs for 100, all the way from picking the banana leaves to steaming the tamales. Her half of the cost was c3.000. :-)


Mmmmm.... Such a deal! About $4.00 an hour for 100 tamales or 16.7 tamales per hour . . . (I couldn't eat 'em that fast, I don't think.)


Darn you, Julie! Now I'm rilly hankerin' fer a tasty tamal, but nowhere to get one like that here in Tampa! [sigh]


Cheers Anyway!


Paul M.


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Concierto de Navidad with Coro de Cámara Quadrivium.


The choir sang Christmas carols in the Salón Comunal of my barrio last night. I actually like this better than having carolers stroll through the neighborhood. You get to hear all of the carols.


Afterward there were some fireworks and bocas made by some of the neighborhood abuelas.



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I'm thinking about making tamales but don't know if it will be worth the effort since I'm by myself. I can't stand CR's version of tamales, so I make Mexican-style tamales. I have a pork shoulder waiting ... I cook them in corn husks because I don't like the taste of banana leaves.


If you like sauces on your tamales, Walmart now has a variety of dried chiles to make them. Guajillos, anchos, arboles, can't remember what else.


Paul, you should be able to find Mexican tamales in Tampa, I would think. They are as much a tradition among the latinos in the U.S. for Christmas as CR's version is here. Have you checked around? Some restaurants will sell them to take out. At least that was the case in Seattle.


I can't tell you how much I miss Mexican food.

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