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I would guess they'd have it at one of the Oriental stores. There may be a small one tucked away somewhere in San Ramón. And there's one in Alajuela four doors N of Jalapeños on the same side of the street. They are sometimes closed at odd hours so don't make a special drive to Alajuela just to visit this store, but she may well have the brown rice flour or can get it for you, which would save a trip to the city.


Otherwise you'll have to make a foray in to San José and check at Super Sony downtown or try Kawo (Mercado Asia) up in Tibás.


Speak to Caroline at Super Sony. She speaks english and is helpful. There is a lady at Kawo who speaks english, too, but I don't remember her name.


Super Sony's hours are: Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm, Sun. 9am-5pm (most of the time although sometimes if it's stormy/dead they may close earlier so call ahead)


Kawo hours are: entre semana: 8:30~pm8:30 Domingo: am8:30~pm8:00

Dirección: 500m sur de la iglesia de Tibás


One of these businesses should have what you're looking for.




Paul M.


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Hi David.


I spent a few months looking for brown rice flour, too. None at Super Sony. I haven't made it to the Asian store in Tibas, to date.


I did almost ruin my Oster blender making the flour myself, so don't try that :) But now that my grain mill is up and running (after a minor setback), I can make my own.


Likewise, I have not yet found brown rice noodles. Hopefully you'll stumble across them. I have had surprising luck at finding whole-food products at Walmart, Auto Mercado, and even Compra Bien, here in Palmares, although it's always hit and miss, of course.



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