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Mine have all been centered for days, in fact I added a note to one of my posts that I could not get it justified left. I have not changed any personal settings and it is happening on multiple PCs.

Thanks! I *knew* it wasn't something I did and especially since it is happening on two different computers. Besides, I'm not smart enough to change those settings! ;-) And I remember someone posting something about being sorry for the centering! Was that you?


At least I know now it's not just me. Also, I noticed this change right at the same time that Tim Little's big logo / link (whatever you call it) appeared at the very prominent center top of the page!



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Yes, that was me that posted that. I have searched settings and even if I try and modify my post before entering it doesn't matter if I choose left, right, or centered it all ends up centered. All the thousands of previous posts are also now centered (to me). I had not even been into "settings" before this happened and although I have visited it since I can not find any global format that would cause this for me.

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