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My landlord has a very nice cabina for rent. It is located on the same beautiful semi-rural property on which our rental is situated. Photos are attached.


The property sits on the edge of their coffee farm, has lots of trees, birds and other wildlife. You can contact me by PM and I'll give your their phone number, email, and a link to a website with more info.


1 bedroom, 1 bath

Fully furnished

Gated property

Fridge, Electric Range w oven, & clothes washer

Hot water

Hourly bus service just outside the gate


$450 per month, plus electricity, water, phone


These are great people to rent from. They are friendly, helpful, flexible and keep the houses and property well-maintained.







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The US dollar and the colon are the two currencies used here. You can have bank accounts in each, if you want. Most of us do.

That property seems to be within the range of reasonable rents. You can find larger apartments or houses for the same or less. While this is not a bad deal, you may want to shop around. 

If you can get it on a month to month basis without a lease, I would take it to give yourself a good home base when you arrive.

When we arrived ten years ago, we rented a studio apartment for $500 for the first month. The next month we moved into a small furnished 3 br house for $350. After a year, we moved to another unfurnished house for $240. After 2 years, we moved to a larger 3 br house for $400. We lived there 5 years until the owner sold it. We moved into another for C 250,000. This is the only place we have lived where our rent was raised. It is now c275,000 (about $480). That's a 3 br on a large lot with a great view.

All of the contracts have clauses for annual rent increases. You can often avoid the increase if you have a good payment history and convince the owner that you will stay long term and pay on time.

It also helps to not look overly affluent.

We live in Zarcero, about an hour from Palmares. I am familiar with the Palmares area and like it.  



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