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Increasng Your Odds of Staying

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Just thought about something I learned in Sociology years ago. The more things are like what is familiar to you the easier it is to adjust. The more you future wife is like you, socioeconomic, education and background the greater the likely hood that you would be a good match. In moving to Costa Rica would this apply? The more your surroundings and what is available and support for you the more likely you are to adjust and stay. For us starting in the Central Valley would be more of what we would be accustomed to that some place like Peninsula De Osa. In the Central Valley there are more things that are familiar and we are able to interact with people that we know and share things in common, English speaking people are easy to come in contact with at many of the stores we visit, at church and great internet connections to talk with people back home. If you have difficulty managing your new life there is ARCR and other organizations that can help you navigate immigration, banking, housing and buying a car if you need help. Personally I would like to be some place that I could walk out my back door and go fishing at any time. But this would not put my wife where she could get care if she needed it and would not help her to feel safe and want to stay. We may be able to move away from the Central Valley after a few more trips but for now the Central Valley is a safe place for us. We still will explore. Not saying that people cannot be successful outside the Central Valley but that the people who stay outside are a special breed and very independent. Would love the culture and food in Limon but flooding heat and perception of crime would not add to my adjusting. You see we do not want to be pioneers, we are very sociable and enjoy being comfortable. Not really okay with drinking blush from a box but that will happen with time as our Spanish.



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Assuming you are referring to boxed wine, I have friends who could afford good wine who tell me it's actually pretty good. Also, there's a very wide variety of wines available at WalMart and PriceSmart. I don't drink the stuff so I'm just repeating what friends tell me.

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There've been other posts on this subject, but I'd add that it's more than just finding surroundings that seem familiar. I really think that the biggest issue is having a willingness to be flexible and to take that unofficial/official CR motto to heart: "Pura Vida." If you're a type A personality, yes, you can learn to take things as they come, but you have to be willing to make that adjustment.


Always keep in mind that you're a guest here (Tim Lytle kept pointing that out on our tour, and it's important to keep in the back of your mind).


So relax, start learning some Spanish, and enjoy your life here! (and apologies to the long-timers here: you could have done a better job here than I have.) And the boxed wine Clos isn't bad at all.




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Agreed, we started buying Clos because it was what we could afford, but the taste is actually good. I like the reds, we've started drinking the Carmenere, I like it a lot. Not as much into white wine, but a friend brought some Clos white over the other night, and it was pretty decent as well.


Also, at Pricesmart, they've got a 3-pack that ends up being cheaper than buying individually in the stores.

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The passion fruit wine maker recently passed away. I only ever saw it in the Orchid farm (can't remember the name) where tours are held.


His name was Roy Lent. His passing was what prompted my question. He had a partner whose name I cannot remember who actually put the passionfruit wine into production.


I'm just wondering whether the product is still in production.




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