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I've been a reader of the Tico Times since 1976 when I discovered it on my first trip to Costa Rica. I subscribed to it a couple years later.


When the digital version was made available I switched to that. It was great to have the TT show up via internet on Fridays instead of having to wait a week to ten days to receive it by snail mail in Florida.


I hope it will persist. If it does I will continue to subscribe to the digital version online.


Fingers X-ed that they get their feet back under themselves and can go on. I even sent them a small donation because every little bit helps.


Paul M.


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I'd followed the Tico Times since 1971 but in recent years I've only tracked the digital version. I'm guessing that their hard copy distribution was no longer cost effective, but I'll miss seeing it.


I also miss the San Jose News (2nd largest English language newspaper) from the 1970s. It has been gone a long while but they'd offered me a job in 1973 and I still think I should have taken it!


RIP to the hard copy edition.

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I've been reading the Tico Times since 1969. Before I became fluent in español, it was my life line to what was happening around me and the English speaking community. TT brought me the news of Watergate, the Kent University riots, Nixon's resignation and the end of the Viet Nam War.


The print edition will be missed, but I understand they are following the lead of so many others that were in the printed new business and have subsequently made the shift to digital.


I will continue to enjoy the online edition.

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