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I have been reading some CR Residency Blogs(not this one) which upon review are completely out-of-date with glaring descrepencies regarding CR Migracion Residency Procedures. Why do people start such an endeavor and do not keep them up-to-date? This is a great disservice to the people that may rely on this information.


So, be careful before relying on this STALE information and advice.




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Blogs are like public diaries. Sharing insights and information discovered at the time. Sometimes for entertainment, to help others, or just a cathartic venting. Few people go back and update them (unless they're making a living from it!) Unfortunately that includes those who share what they've learned or needed to do, but which they don't subsequently pursue. It gets stale or flat-out wrong very quickly as you've seen.


That's why we who've been through and followed the changes (e.g. in Residency) offer suggestions but still recommend heading for someone who makes their living at it and (hopefully) has the current info.


Sorry Rick, that wasn't a useful answer, just an unfortunately true one.

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I'm with you ref stale blogs/dieaies' online.


In my mind there is nothing more discouraging than following an interesting blog which is chronicling the person's experiences in CR and them 'settling into thing' and then suddenly the blog ends without a note as to why.


I can only assume at that point the person has finally gotten fully settled into CR and, now being comfortable with everyday life here, find nothing much anylonger that is out of the ordinary and so finds no need to continue their blog.


Certainly that is only one reason for a person to discontinue adding to their blog. Surely there are others, but it has the same effect to leave the readers hanging.


One other reason I can think of is that a blogger decides to switch to Twitter, Facebook, etc. and maybe make one minor note to that effect in their blog to that effect.


Then I personally tend to lose interest in the continuation of that person's blog/adventure since I refuse to hook up with such social media due to its often invasive nature mining its members' and visitors' personal information w/o their permission. But here I fear that I'm drifting from the OT.


There are still a few blogs that are ongoing and hold my interest. My advice would be to find a few of those that you like and follow them.


Nothing is ever permanent, alas.


¡Pura Readah!


Paul M.


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I keep a blog and I would never go back and edit them. They were true for the time that it happened. ... I might make a new post updating new information, but I wouldn't change an old post.


That's a very good point, Lucy. I thought about including that in my post above but wandered on past it.


I guess have found over time that I myself prefer relating personal incidents on places like these Forums.


Of course even things like that can go stale as time marches on.




Paul M.


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Blogs are VERY different than "informational websites"!

"Blog" is short for Web-log, so by definition, a LOG. You should never expect that someone will go back and change what they recorded in that present.

HOWEVER, a website that says it provides information about something definitely should be kept up. In the absence of that, it should at least have some sort of disclaimer about what date it was current.

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