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Hi all,


Oh demhurricanes!  Isaac is bearing down on us right now.  Thanks to those of you who have asked how I'm doing.


I lost electricity at 7:01 AM.  Winds in my area right now from 20 mph sustained to 40 - 50 mph gusts.  The trees are swaying and bending ever so beautifully though threatening to break!  Worse case scenario: yep, he came in to the west of N.O. so that puts us on the "wet" side of the storm.  To make matters worse he has stalled!  Estimates are we'll have these winds and heavy bands of rain all day. That means no electricity today - probably not till tomorrow! Once the winds reach 40 mph they won't send the buckets out for repairs.


I have the windows open and there's a powerful breeze blowing through.  Transports me forward to the day I'll experience the balmy air of Costa Rica.  I have the distinct sense that I'm being prepared both mentally and physically for the challenging life ahead in CR without the convenient frills of the life we take for granted in the USA.


I enjoy my property; very rural area.  My idea of yard work is "sitting" on my deck - front or back - "lifting" my cup of coffee and "watching" my trees grow!  (ti ji)  Now - I just pray my beautiful trees don't turn on me and land on my roof!


If any of you are hurricane buffs and would like to see exactly what's going on you can watch it on the internet.  Go to wwltv.com   -  sorry; I don't know the exact url.  That's one of our local stations and they're broadcasting live online.


Oh no, now they're talking about the tornado warnings! That's it; better listen to the news more diligently. I'm out of here ... talk atcha on the other side!



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We're moving to the Arenal area next week Thursday from S. Florida, so I guess this is our send-off. We got 15 inches of rain in just over two days from Isaac, even though we were well out of the "cone". After eight months of bureaucracy selling our house and now this, we're prepared for what CR has in store for us. Just get us to the airport on time!

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Hey Jerry & Anne - just "training camp for Costa Rica" huh?  You're right.  Costa Rica can't be any worse than this!


I survived the fear phase - thankfully no downed trees - now for the fun phase!  They're saying it could be a week before some of us get electricity restored?!?


Do I worry about life in a "developing" country? - Not at all!  I survived 6 weeks of active civil war in a 3rd world country; Katrina without power for 2 weeks - now this!  It's just a refresher course preparing me for pura vida! Yep; I expect CR to feel just like home.


Well, it's getting pretty dark; better go fire up the oil lamps.  It's been 12 1/2 full hours without electricity yet I STILL flip the light switch on when I walk into a dark room!  Duh!




PS - OH NO!  Correction.  I decided to drive to the end of the driveway to see how things looked. The street and about 15 feet up the driveway are under water - that I expected.  But what I DIDN'T expect was that I do indeed have one tree down - smackdab across the driveway!  Oh well, chain saw anyone?  :-)

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