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How can I become a real estate agent in Costa Rica?

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All you have to do is google Coldwell Banker Costa Rica or Remax CR or Century 21 CR and you can see all of the legitimate offices that they all have. There sure seem to be a lot of offices to be only selling to expats and not Ticos. I wouldn't dismiss their legitimacy out of hand.

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Rainy - with all due respect - just because they have a pretty sign from a recognized US real estate company it doesn't mean they are nice people. The franchise company doesn't police their franchisees - they do not care how they operate their business in CR - I have been told this by a franchise real estate company.

They said they might want to know if the franchisee has been convicted of a crime. But, we all know how long that takes . . . . . .. . . . . . .

That is not to say there are not good, legit, ethical folks in the RE biz, but you really, really have to be careful buying property here in CR because the recourses you would have in the US or Canada do not apply here.

I am thinking of starting my own company and hiring nothing but Tico agents. It will be called CREO 3% (CREO - which means 'I believe' stands for Costarica Real Estate Offices - and the 3% is the commission we will charge). I will have a snappy website, red/white/blue blazers for the agents - like the flag of CR, TV ads, and a host of other marketing tools. Then I will sell franchises. all this in my spare time as a crazy dog lady. B)

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