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I usually carry a automatic opening knife with me simply because I find it handy (some people call them "switchblades). The blade is about 4" long & I'm planning on bringing it with me but don't want to do something illegal. I'm NOT carrying it for protection - just utilitarian use.


Does anyone know if it's legal?



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Hello --


I'm an every day knife carrier and user in Costa Rica. First, regarding TSA taking your auto from your locked luggage, I'd guess the risk is really really low. Regarding legality ... welcome to Costa Rica ... because the real answer is, as with almost everything here, "It depends."


True, people carry machetes all over the place here and there are no widely known or understood knife laws. Knives of all sorts are sold in stores. The problem is that if you are stopped for some reason, the policia are pretty free to interpret whether anything you're carrying is reasonable for you to carry, for reasonable use, or if you are a criminal threat.


I carry serious straight blades, neck knives, hideaways, assisted openers -- everything. But almost all banks or government or (even) utilities like the electric company will scan you down and want you to leave anything outside.


A full auto might "automatically" (sorry ... I couldn't stop myself) create trouble for you. A similar situation was when I imported a beautiful custom dagger. They freaked out at the customs office. They just couldn't grasp the concept of a dagger being for any purpose other than me going outside and immediately killing someone. I'm afraid an auto might elicit the same reaction.


Suggestion? Leave the auto home and bring an assisted opener like a SpeedSafe mechanism. I'm sure that you can pop one of those within a few milliseconds as quickly as any auto.

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