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You found a French Whisk?!? I've seen a bunch of balloon whisks, but never a French one.

For the longest time, I couldn't find potato peelers, and finally brought one down - almost right away, I saw one in CR. That's just how it goes...


Have you looked at Tips?

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yep, not quite the same....


(jeez, that's a long url - hope it comes thru)


When I did a search for 'French Whisk' on Google a whole bunch of images popped up.


I chose two that I remembered seeing at CEMACO.


Now in all fairness that is closing in on two years ago now.


And I don't remember seeing (or not) the one you linked with the rounded whisk end at CEMACO.


Paul M.


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I have purchased one that looks very similar but has a wooden handle in a 'plastic store' here.

I also have a 'tiny balloon whisk' that I purchased at a TIPS store that works great

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