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Once Again Aol Users Please Read

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Today I received an email from an individual in the paving business. (USA I think)


You are an AOL user, and as such, I cannot even reply to your email.


Apparently, AOL is now pulling a NEW trick on you and its other subscribers.


They are now telling subscribers (you) to contact the Webmaster (ME) to ask the Webmaster to contact AOL to get “OUR SITE” unblocked.


This is very typical of AOL. It is also total baloney. (I am showing GREAT restraint here.)


AOL is not blocking ARCR’s website. It can be viewed worldwide. They ARE blocking EMAIL. They are not just blocking ARCR’s email, the ARCR Forum email, nor are they blocking just casacanada.net email.


They ARE blocking almost 100% of the email sent from Costa Rica, regardless of where in Costa Rica it originated. I have dozens of customers here who can attest to this. Many cannot reach their customers, family, or friends.


I will repeat this.


They are blocking almost ALL email right now. This is NOT a function of our website, our email, our web hosting or anything else. It is simply AOL deciding that email from Costa Rica, whether personal, business or SPAM should not be delivered to its subscribers (YOU!!). Are you happy with this?


They do not ask your permission to do this. They do not TELL you they are doing it. They just DO IT.


We can do nothing here to solve this problem. Please do not write to me and ask that I contact AOL. I have dealt with those idiots for perhaps 10 years. We can do nothing from our end…and frankly, it is not our responsibility if AOL is blocking YOUR email from Costa Rica or other countries.


If you choose to believe them, that is fine. But I can assure you that 1. What they told you is untrue, and 2. This is NOT any Webmaster’s responsibility.


You have spoken with some clown at AOL who is feeding you a bunch of horse manure. Call them back and ask if it is just OUR email being blocked, or nearly an entire country’s email. See if you get a straight answer.


To the paving guy… Do not please email me from your AOL address. I cannot respond. Get another email address and I will be happy to correspond with you.


I suggest you again read my detailed Post on what to do. As a courtesy, I will give you that information again:


1. Change Internet service Providers now. (Best long term solution) or


2. Get a Yahoo, Hotmail, or other free email service to receive emails from Costa Rica


3. After you do this, or if you already have such an address, go to your Profile and change your email address.


4. If you have recently subscribed and did not receive your confirmation email, send me (webmaster@casacanada.net) an email from your registered email address (I can RECEIVE AOL email, and I will add you manually. THEN, go to your profile and update the Profile to your new email address. If you don’t, we cannot communicate with you.


5. Write or call AOL and let them know you do NOT appreciate THEM making decisions on what email you can or cannot receive. If they tell you they are protecting you, suggest that you are a grownup and are able to protect yourself without their assistance. Hint: I am clearly concerned with Costa Rica... YOU should be thinking what OTHER email they block without your permission!


An interesting side note: Supposedly AOL is protecting you against SPAM… The irony is that more SPAM is produced by AOL subscribers than ANY other source I know of.


Right now, I have a queue of perhaps 6 members whose confirmation emails have been returned by AOL. They cannot complete their registrations!


I know I am sounding a bit strident here, but the highhandedness and flagrant arrogance of AOL just absolutely frosts my Twinkie!


They are the worst Service Provider in the industry, bar none, and they treat their (high) paying customers like cattle. Again… it is MY opinion that there is a VERY lucrative class action lurking here.


Thanks for listening



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