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Foreign Trade Zone area near Cortez.....

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I have been there quite a few times. I haven't bought anything major but have been with people who have.

There is a five hundred dollar limit on purchases per person per six months. You will need identification for

purchases. Upon arrival you need to be validated and a piece of paper is given to you so show that you may buy

anything. The validation certificate will be dated one day later than your arrival date so you can't buy on the day

you receive it.

There are people outside the duty free zone that will sell you their validations, or actually their time since they have to

be with you at check out.

The validation is good for six months, I believe.


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I believe so. If you don't have a truck, there are plenty of guys with them who will move your things back home. The times I have been we have always used our own trucks.

I have bought an on- demand hot water heater and a sump pump there. Both were about 20% cheaper than Perez Zeledon on San Jose. My farm is only about an hour and a half from there so it makes sense to travel there. If I were to go from over 3 hours away then the gas price might out weigh the savings. all depends on how much you purchase.


On a side note: at one time it was the only place I could find with Guiness Stout and I would buy as much as I could fit in the car.

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