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It could and has to some degree. But, remember CACJ works because everybody pays into it. Also, seniors who are willing to leave their kids and grand-kids are few and far between. Everybody my age "69" think my wife and I are crazy for moving so far away.

I would also bet, that about as many people are moving to Canada as there are Canadians coming to the States for medical treatment. (Way under 1%) We are but a drop of water in the Lake of Costa Rica.

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I have to agree with konotahe about the small impact. According to a recent newspaper article, 8.2% of the population are foreigners and 27% of foreigners do not contribute to CCSS. This could be illegal immigrants or this could be "perpetual tourists."


So, if the total population is 4,563,539 (or something close), then the 8.2% would be 374,210. And 27% of that would be 101,036 or about 2% of the population.


Not only that, but if you are not affiliated with the CAJA, you usually have to pay something for service.

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The point I was trying to make is that "expats" are a really small portion of the population so I don't think their treatment will necessarily have a big impact on the CAJA. Expats from North America are a teeny tiny portion of the overall population. Most of the foreigners living legally in Costa Rica are from Nicaragua and I'm not sure that even it they wanted to "import" their family members, that the family could meet the residency requirements.


I do think that costs will rise -- they always do! ;) Over the years, I have seen the monthly fee go up several times. And -- it will probably go up more.

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