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House sitting

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Hey all

We have been thinking about the idea of house sitting, any advice on where we can find an opportunity. We do have the dog so I know that will cut out a large number of the chances but thought I would look in to it anyway, we would be willing to leave a security deposit for damage from our beloved baby (she won't damage anything other than any uninvited guests)

Any advise is always appreciated or if you have such an opportunity please pm us.


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I know more than a couple of folks who've engaged house sitters and been more than dissatisfied with the end results. Some wouldn't leave when the time was up, some didn't take good care of the pets left in their care, others destroyed some of the house or property and others stole things and some just up and left before the end of the time they were supposed to be house sitting leaving the home vacant and unprotected.


So the problem is largely proving who you are and that you are honest and reliable, coming out of nowhere, as it were.


I'm speaking in general terms and not pointing any fingers at you, just painting a scenario of some things that went before.


So when people put out feelers to house sit, as you are thinking of doing, they often do not get any replies back. You can see why not.


You will have to establish yourself as an honest, reliable person first and then you will have more bites when you make yourself available to house sit.


Now, you might get lucky and find someone who is willing to sit down with you and discuss having you house sit and find that they like you and are satisfied with your CV.


I'm just saying don't be discouraged if you don't get any gigs right off the bat.


Sorry this post sounds so negative, but there are some real deadbeats out there who have taken advantage of trusting people who've used them to house sit.


Good luck finding a position to house sit. A good house sitter is worth his or her weight in gold. Often references are by word of mouth in CR so once you are established and proven you will get testimonials that will help.




Paul M.


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Good advice Paul, I had thought that way too, we just sold our house in canada and the thought of leaving it to people who we don't know would of scared the heck out of me, when we first arrive in CR we will look for temp housing and start mixing with people and see what comes up, I guess attending ARCR seminar and lunches will be a good starting point to say hello and introduce ourselves.

It's not something that we need to do, just exploring the idea and if an opportunity comes up that works for both sides then great.

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I have used a couple of house sitters with no problem. One couple I "met" through this forum and they were great. However, my house sitting "gigs" are usually of the week or two variety and not something more long-term.


There is a good opportunity for house sitting for people who have houses or whatever but who don't spend a lot of time here. You would probably be better off to contact property managers for something like this.


It may not be worth the trouble. What if you make contact and go through whatever process they want you to go through and then you arrive and discover that you don't like the place after all? And you're right.... the dog may be the "deal killer."


I would think this through carefully.

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There are a couple of people in our area that do this, but they are also long term residents, and have a well established reputation. Plus they speak Spanish and have connections with handymen, vets, etc in case they are needed.



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I have seen four sites that profess to be housesitter organizations where you can sign up to look for housesitting opportunites or post housesitting openings. I can't vouch for them at all but you might start there.







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We are currently using trusted house sitters. We are currently sitting houses in Mexico in the Lake Chapala area. We are in a luxurious lakeview home with all amenities and sattelite tv for three months. Some of the jobs also pay 15-20 dollars a day. Our next gig is in NZ.

What do you have to do to qualify as a 'trusted housesitter'?

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You must have references with addresses and phone numbers. Most of the listings are not just house sitting but pet sitting. So if you are good with dogs, cats and animals in general that is a plus. We are previous home owners, business owners, raised a family of three boys and still in our early fifties, so still fit and healthy. References from previous neighbors are very helpful as they can vouch for your character.

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I spent 3 months this spring as a house/cat sitter, paid a small fee to live in a gorgeous casa in the mountains above Dominical. While I was there, I met a young couple that spent the past year doing house-sitting wandering across Costa Rica. I believe the most important issue (on both sides) is word of mouth and connections within CR. If you have a responsible track record, you can find a place to make this a semi-permanent position. Good luck!

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