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I formed a corporation in CR last year when I bought a house. I will be moving down there (hopefully) next year when I retire,.


I heard about the new tax that has to be paid by the end of this month. However, I cannot seem to find out how much I owe, or how I can get it paid.


Is there anyone that is willing to help me out????

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Just paid my corporate taxes, very simple, went to BCR gave them my corporate number and paid. My corporation is inactive and paid just a little over 67,000 colones. Still think it sucks, paying taxes on nothing, No attorney no accountant no nothing, very simple

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In our community we have a person who looks after everything for us until we make the move. He just sent me this interesting email today. Am still following up on it.


I am not sure if you heard about the new annual corporation fees here, $150 for inactive and $300 for an active corporation (corporations used to hold land are usually inactive) this law was just passed and is due to be paid May 1st.


We have found that not all of the corporations we thought were inactive are, however we have time to change that before we pay the fees. I am going ahead and will check your corporation have it changed and pay this fee on your behalf and I will add it to your account.

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