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Hi all -

I didn't want to suddenly disappear w/o saying good-bye (for now!) and it's been grand! :-)

Rick and I are switching back to splitting our time between Costa Rica and "elsewhere" (this time, it's Iowa, where I have a contract to work for a few months).

Sometime after we settle in, I'll update my CR blog about all the "fun" we had moving out - we had been in our CR apartment for 2 1/2 years, and *just* last year finally shipped some much-loved items (like our mattress) - and now we have gotten rid of almost everything. We had been accumulating things here for 5 years. It was only a little painful, but full of anxiety (our USA concept of time reared its ugly head again, unfortunately). Now (or at least in a few hours), we are back to living light - and it *already* feels sooooo good!

See you all in the blog-o-sphere, probably at the end of the year - hope you all have a great time in puravidalandia!


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thanks for the wishes, everyone! Alex - too funny; as I worked for RC for ~8 years, in California (one of my fav jobs as well). AND that is exactly where my contract is! Cedar Rapids, that is. :-D.

I loved saying that I moved from San Jose to San Jose, and then from CR to CR...

You'd better believe I'll be thinking of you all in the tropics - a friend in Iowa just reported HAIL! ack! And I'm still not sure how I'll handle the humid summers that everyone tells me they hate. Not sure my experiences in Costa Rica have completely prepared me... vamos a ver.

well - we got all our junk moved out of our place by about 3 today, cleaned the apartment, and got to Kap's place by 5 - we fly out tomorrow (sooo early!). Taking advantage of the internet here. (speaking of which, I should post in the "real" forum section about canceling all our phones and internet at ICE.


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