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Rental prices

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negotiating is still ok - just think of it more as a hotel negotiation than as a rental house negotiation. You will have more luck if you come in the rainy season, and not during any of the peak times like easter or xmas/summer break. The dog may cause some problems, but offering an extra deposit will help.

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For long term, we negotiated an $1800 a month rental to $1300 for the 1st year. It went to $1400 the 2nd year. This was in Escazú. You might be more limited if you're in a low density area with fewer rentals or super high density where good stuff rents fast. I think a lot will depend on what area you're in.


For short term, I can tell you that our neighbors at the beach generally charge twice the weekly rental rate for a 1 month renter. So, if they normally charge $500 a week, you can get it for $1000 for the month or even $800-900 if you are trying in the dead of low season. However, at the beach there is often some stipulation about getting a deposit & refunding your rental deposit after the electric bill has been received or charging an additional rate to use the AC.

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Negotiating is fine but I think it depends on what time of year you will be here, as Jessica alluded to. During slow times, you might get a better rate. It never hurts to ask -- in a nice way, of course. During busy times, not so much. It also depends on where you will be Touristy areas have more of a "swing" in prices that other areas.


I think your best bet is to arrange a few days at a hotel or B&B and then look around and check around. There are also small hotels, cabinas and B&B's that will give you a monthly rate. This will probably be easier than renting a house, depending on the area. This was discussed in another thread with several suggestions for places where people have stayed for extended periods such as a month.

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Have you considered using an agent what we are doing is paying a fee to have a place rented when we get off the plane. You give them your budget and preferences and they find you a place that meets most of what you want. We have friends in the States that have use this type service when moving long distance to areas that you are totally unaware of all the options. I cannot believe that we would be able to know what all the resources are and if you are looking for a short term place any way why hassle.



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