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Merc, I don't know if your Dolphins or my Jags are more pitiful. We've got a new owner now so I'm curious to see what happens. Everyone in Jax is up in arms over the possibility of landing Peyton Manning. I'd like to see the Dolphins improve, I've already decided to become a Dolphin fan if the Jags move from Jacksonville!


konotahe - You may want to have them write down the name of what they have & then go home & use Google to find out what it is. I've done that twice after being given prescriptions and not knowing what they were (in order to find the equivalent in English).



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Yeah...Manning is a hot commodity right now...lots and lots of speculation about where he will end up. Personally, while I think he is great and will continue to be outstanding for the next 2 to 3 years...I would rather bet the farm and go after RG3...but of course, I'm just the armchair quarterback.


I actually had season tickets back in '99 (I think it was 99) - Marino's last year. I used to complain we could never win a play off game...oh, how I long to see the play offs now. I guess it's true you never know what you have until it's gone.

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merc1011 - Im still your biggest fan! Having grown up in S.FL I still remember the fish of the early 70's - Zonka, Kick, Warfiled, Little, Greise(sp?) and our loved Shula as examples! It is another time, but for those of us that are true fish fans, we know someday we will get back on top!


Hopefully sooner than later...I think they (we?) just need a couple of missing pieces. With the quarterback being the main one.

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