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So all next week in my classroom my kids and I are going to be decorating the room to represent China and Turkey. I know it's a weird combo, but that's what we were assigned. Anyways, there are prizes and although I couldn't care less about the prizes, I freaking want to WIN!!!! I'm such a competitive jerkwink.png I've never been to either country. Any ideas??? Isn't there someone on here who used to live in Turkey? Or was in Hungary? Curses, can't remember. Anyways...


I have two giant windows, a 2-door door (did that make sense? like 2 doors that open in my door way), a small white board, plenty of wall space, but we're not allowed to put anything on the ceiling. I was thinking it might be cool to do like a stained-glass thing on the windows, but I don't know if that's indicative of either country. Right now all the supplies I have are markers and a big roll of white paper.


Ideas ideas ideas????cool.png

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Istanbul is a great city to visit - I have a teacher friend who takes his 10th grade private school students there for class trips. I had a chance to go during my final year of grad school but just couldn't swing the schedule for it, which I really regret!!!! Turkey & China really are an odd combo for your class assignment - maybe you can take photos of your finished product for us to see how you pull it off?? :)


Jwalker - Istanbul is 914 miles to Syria & 1266 miles to Iraq. San Jose, Costa Rica is 918 miles to Havana, Cuba & 1177 miles to Caracas, Venezuela. Following your logic, San Jose, Costa Rica, is geographically too close to these enemies of the US as well? Just sayin'.

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Istanbul and the AMAZING mosaics in the palaces and mosques, sure, but Cappadokya (Cappadocia, as it's sometimes spelled) with its amazing formations. And the caravanserai dating from the Seljuks in the 1230s, spaced one day apart by camel ride along the silk road. I'll PM you a few pictures, if it's not too late for your class.




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