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Reasons for moving to CR

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@DanaJ " as far as politics are concerned....." So there are people moving to CR all the time because of the direction the US IS moving. Good, I only wish they would join the forums discussions.


Well, that is not the only reason people move here, that was just an observation someone made to me.

I was a liberal too (but am NOT turning conservative), and am sorely disappointed in Obama. But the US is a lost cause, its owned and run by and for the corporations. The citizens, or consumers no longer count.


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I moved here to leave my "darling wife" - Sonny Bono was once interviewed and asked why he left show business and opened a restaurant. He replied that during last movie he made, the director kept coming down on him about what a lousy actor he was. He opined that God was telling him it was time to do something else. When I had an opening, I made my move, brought about 500 pds. of my things, my pet pig (of 12 years, to avoid any arguments) and moved to Costa Rica. Left the car, pickup horse trailer, horse, house; everything! Best move I ever made. Everyone should keep in mind what Mr. Bono said, it is absolutely true. When the time comes that God advises you to do something else, DO IT!!!

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I am not sure there is only one reason to relocate for me. I have worked my entire life, paid taxes and provided voluntarily and involuntarily for others. My wife and myself find that we have accumulated to much to receive any assistance should we need it later in life. Do to the fact that we were somewhat responsible have retirement funds and pensions we are not eligible for any assistance of any kind. What is worse is that are monies would be completely depleted in a year or less if one of us needed long term care. With our resources we could pay for 24 hour private care in Costa Rica and not be forced into some nursing facility. We also would have monies to leave the kids and not give to some nursing facility. Have never had maid or gardener but would be looking to put some deserving people to work. I would not scramble another egg nor have the wife match another sock. The plan is not to retire and live cheaply but to offer my wife a chance to relax and me a chance to deplete coffee supply. We both would do some volunteer activities and continue to travel.


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