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Help with a legal question!

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Two years ago my girlfriends son and daughter in-law who is a national and a US citizen went down to CR for Christmas, they had been having some marital problems and she decided to stay in CR with the children both of which are US citizens. Her son has been in and out of court since, my girlfriend and I have stayed completely out of the situation. We love them both and things like this should be only their problem without our interference. My legal question is last year when we went down to visit the children we were told that my girlfriends bank account in CR could be attached, we were told since he was not paying enough to help his mother can be held responsible. According her son they are trying to get $1,600 a month child support. He only takes home $378.00 a week and has been sending as much as he could, nothing thus far has been settled in court. Does anyone know if they can in fact attach my girlfriends bank account?

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Dear Lookout,


I would urge you to get some legal counsel in this matter asap, and not rely in any way very strongly on lay opinion.


If you are in the US, find some legal counsel there.


If you are in CR I would suggest you contact ARCR. They offer their members access to attorneys that they retain on contract.


Since the mother is in CR with the children, certainly CR law is going to have to be taken into consideration as it will surely in some way be affecting the outcome for the father.


Good Luck!


Paul M.


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I would second Paul's reccommendation to reach out to someone in ARCR's legal department. For the following reason.


It is my understand that my finance's amiga has a financial order against her due to her father not being able to pay child support for his child.

That's right a half-sibling being forced via the Costa Rican court system to pay for the care of their father's child.


Now, since I don't have any first hand knowledge I can't give any more details than that...but to me that is scary and scary enough for me to advise you to seek legal advice quickly.


Good luck!

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