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eleanorcr    0

Good point, David.  At SJO, walk right by those rental car desks, go outside and you will find the shuttle driver holding up a sign, sometimes with your name on it.  I don't remember if there are rental car desks at LIR but if there are, the same advice applies. 

I did find out an interesting thing about car rental agencies and LIR airport:  You will see shuttle drivers holding up signs inside the airport building and you will see shuttle drivers outside the building holding up signs.  The agents inside the building are there because the agency has paid a fee to the airport.  The last time I was there, I saw something like 5 rental car agents inside the building holding signs and a whole bunch of them outside holding signs. 

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induna    0

Or even better, get a hotel no too far from the airport. Chill, rest, have a nice dinner, and have the rental agency drop the car off for you the next day at your hotel. Much more tranquilo.

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