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Where do you say you're from?

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I stopped using "American" a long, long time ago. I understand why people get offended by US citizens calling themselves American, but I also don't know a single tico who would ever classify themselves as "American". So it seems like a silly battle to me.


I always use "from the states" now. But even when I say that I still get "What? The United States of Mexico? You know there's more than one!"


It's super frustrating to me. Maybe I need to get used to saying "estadounidense" and then everyone will leave me the freak alone! <_<

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I say estadounidense.

Good for you, Tiffany,


I also say estadounidense though there seem to be a lot of norteamericanos who can't seem to handle the seven syllables of either word.


I also tell ticos that I am a gringo desde Tampa, de la Florida, como una hora y pico al oeste de Orlando/Disney and that seems to satisfy them.


¡Pura Vida!


Paul M.


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I learned I have to differentiate between Washington state and Washington DC, if someone wants to know more, beyond just estadounidense. To me, if someone says "I'm from Washington", I assume the state, because most folks I've known from the capitol say, "I'm from DC". However, I learned that here in CR, people assume DC. ("Have you met the president?")

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