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This is a question for the ladies on the forum. I currently have solar/acrylic nails and was wondering if these are common in CR. I know it may depend on where I will be living but just in general what do the CR women like to do to their nails if anything?


Guys if you are in the know please feel free to comment :)


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I often feel like a neanderthal compared to my Costa Rican lady friends who have their fingernails and toenails done and look beautiful. (If not always practical.)

Neanderthal, haha, I'm with Eleanor ... I'll go out thinking I look pretty decent, until I realize that next to the artwork on the ticas' manicured toes and fingers, my home "manicured" toes look like a blindfolded third-grader took a bottle of acrylic paint to my feet. And my hands ... please, why even paint them when they're just going to chip the same day, mopping the floor? I guess I'm perpetuating the "sloppy gring@" stereotype ... *sigh*.

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