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There's a German baker that frequents our feria, that hasn't been around for the past couple weeks. He has preservative free sausages, jams, cookies, pastries, breads and focaccias. I really want to try to make this one peanuty pastry that I've bought before from him. It's freaking amazing. But I have no idea what the name is!


It's sort of a dry cakey bottom, with a thick peanut layer, all surrounded by chocolate.




Any ideas? Or has anyone seen the German guy at their feria? Man I need a German goodies fix :P

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I found another recipe for nussecken on the web. The one lucybelle posted sounds great, but getting apricot preserves is problematic for me: This one calls for BOTH ground almonds and hazelnuts, though I'm sure you could substitute peanuts and have a great cookie.



Ingredients for the Pastry:

· 200g flour

· 1 pinch of salt

· 60g ground almonds

· 70g sugar

· 1 egg

· 125g cold butter


Ingredients for the coating:

· 3 tablespoons cream

· 150g butter

· 175g sugar

· 3 tablespoons honey

· 300g ground hazelnuts

· Cream


Knead ingredients for the pastry and keep it cool while you prepare the covering. Later you will roll it out on a baking sheet and cover the top with cream.


For the coating, dissolve butter, sugar and honey. Add the haze nuts and boil it up for a short while. Add cream to the mix and stir. Let the mixture cool off and then spread it onto the pastry.


Baking time: 15 – 20 minutes at 200 – 220 C. Cut the pastry into triangles while still hot.



Source: http://foodblog.cape-town.info/restaurants/posts/nussecken-106.php?g=18




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Yeah I saw that in the recipe! The one I'm used to buying in the feria doesn't have any jam at all in it and is made out of peanuts instead of hazelnuts. I'm going to use the recipe and just leave out the jelly and replace hazelnuts with the peanuts! I'm making it tomorrow, I'll let you know how it turns out :)

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