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I made the starfruit cake and the escabeche

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simply simple. also you can cheat and use cake mix in a box. Melt butter in 9 x 11 pan. cover with brown sugar , slice fresh starfruit and lay all over just as if you are making pineapple up side donw cake. pour fav cake mix on top and bake according to directions. let cool. them dump upside down on tray . and eat it up. muy rico. and invite us to come eat some. LOL




i keep it in fridge so the little ants do eat it. LOL

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Thanx for the recipe.


I suspected it might be a upside down cake variation.


You prolly could do it with Kiwi fruit, too, come to think of it!




Paul M.


PS - Maybe you haven't been here long enough yet to not worry about a few little ants that might get onto the cake when you're serving it up. (Of course I don't mean the whole cake left out for them to completely mob.) But when you have been in CR long enough, you'll know it because then a few ants won't bother you if you accidentally ingest some with your meal or desert! Iced drinks don't matter too much since the cold immobilizes them and makes them real easy to dip out. [grin]


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MORE protein. is what we say. been here five years.. a little ANT never hurt NOBODY. AMEN



got a funny story. we bought a local bottle of honey with a apuch in cap. due to air bubble the cap popped out one night. the next day the honey was full of ants. we NOW call it ants and honey and its good with yogurt and cereal. and on banana nut bread. New meaning to ANTS ON A LOG LOL hehe!! jajaja! hahahah!@!

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