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  • 4 years later...

Hmmm -- this old post indicates that Tico Grande is the webmaster. Is this not the case, Paul? In a previous post, you said that you would contact Tico Grande and he could contact the webmaster. So confused, am I.


Perhaps dredging up this old post is an attempt to show that there are parts of the forum that are not functional. Why have a "Like" button if it doesn't work? And the "Search" function is pretty sad.


So put that on top of the incorrect and out of date information on the main website, (including the 72 hour thing and the $17 exit fee -- and the information that "residents pay more" for exit fee which is not true) and it's very misleading. Plus, the information about the cost of building a house is from 2006! (Not very helpful...) And nowhere in that description is any information about the requirement to have an architect and engineer.


There is other out of date information, such as the number of English language newspapers (and the fact that they are all online is not mentioned) and nowhere is there any mention of the cellular services provided by various providers other than ICE. "Deluxe bus services" are mentioned but not mentioned that the ones with a toilet on board and movies are actually international buses and not domestic.


The item labeled "23" is just laughable. "... Violent crime is low. In the San Jose area break-ins of unoccupied cars and buildings are common, and care is necessary. The police do not differ in their treatment of foreigners or citizens. Generally the police will not come to a break-in until the victim goes to their office and files a report...."


This is also misleading: "...There is a plan for citizens and residents who have work permits covering medical care, hospitalization and prescription drugs...." It seems to imply that the health care is only for those two categories and doesn't describe the "voluntario" of a resident without a work permit. It also doesn't indicate that paying into the health care system is required with residency.


It also grinds my gears to see Costa Rica described as a "Third World Country" for many reasons.


The "current costs for domestic staff is $2.00 an hour" is totally wrong. Maybe point to the Ministerio de Hacienda website listing of wages for various categories?


It indicates that "foreign residents" can't work without a permit. This is wrong. Once you have permanent residency, you can certainly work. And it doesn't mention that you can own a business without permanent residency and you can telecommute for work or work on your own website, etc, by internet.


Agricultural exports -- According to Wikipedia -- " ...It makes up about 6.5% of Costa Rica's GDP, and 14% of the labor force. Depending upon location and altitude, many regions differ in agricultural crops and techniques. The main exports include: bananas, pineapples, coffee, sugar, rice, vegetables, tropical fruits, ornamental plants, corn, potatoes."


There are descriptions of cultural life that really only apply to the Central Valley and have no relationship at all to what happens elsewhere. There is no description of traditional "cultural events" in other parts of the country.


Conclusion: When you read all this information that is out of date, wrong or misleading, it makes you wonder just why ARCR puts up with this on their website.

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