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I will comment to simply say "I'm sorry" which I know doesn't replace your things or your trust. The only time we've been robbed was by our housekeeper the first year we lived in CR & I can totally commiserate with how you're feeling. Not only did she steal from me, she even stole my daughter's cross necklace & a portable DVD player from my son. Hope there is some sort of justice for them in the future (but not holding my breath). :(

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I am so sorry to her that... again.


My memory is not as it once was.... But... If you folks are still living in the Guapiles/Cariari area (NOT the Cariari near San Jose), that area is experiencing an enormous increase in crime.



It was bad 2-3 years ago, but since mid 2010, it has become MUCH worse. Not sure why.


My wife is from there, and has many (7) family members. In just her little family... six violent robberies (three with guns) and one shooting (very serious but not fatal).


Bad odds.


Limon is the "forgotten" province so I am not at all surprised at the lack of police support.



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Sorry to hear about this happening again. Hope you have better luck and find out who did this.


The attitude towards thievery in Latin America is really appalling, especially towards "Gringos". Some seem to feel that if we can afford to move here, and have certain things, then we must be "rich" and can afford to simply replace them if they are stolen, so, no big deal, eh?


Truly make me sad.

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