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I was told that one could find the assessed value of real estate through the CR National Registry. How is this accomplished?

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Before you begin. The appraised value of property is what the taxing authority (i.e. Municipality) uses. It has no basis in actual value. (At least I know of none that are even close.)


Property retains the same value regardless of market changes at least for a period of five years. It changes during construction, at which time the College of Engineers establishes a value for the construction. This is the new value used by the Municipality.


Values may not be reflected in the Registro. However, here is how you check.


Registro Sistema de Consultas

  • Select "Bienes Inmuebles"
  • Select which search value you'll use

...Choices are "numero de finca"(finca number), "nombre..." (either physical person or corporation name), "numero de identification" (number of cedula or cedula juridica of owner)

  • Type in value (e.g. name of corporation owning property)
  • Select property (click on name or number)
  • Review information... (unlikely to contain a value)


That's it. I haven't used the new "pay-as-you-go" system for property lookups. It doesn't have a "bienes inmuebles" option but others may have searched further. The one above has been in operation for a number of years.

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Thank you so much for your quick response ... we'll give it a try to see what we come up with. We need this info to obtain home insurance through INS.

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