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I found the reason why no one is raising Rhino's for their horns! Worldwide ban on the Rhino horn trade. The environmentalists, and animal righys activists, it appears to me, won't allow Rhino to be raised for their horn, because of the trade ban. It seems that the rumor is that China has imported 141 Rhino for a farm dedicated to the raising of the beasts, for the horns - therefore, I am guessing, offering hope for the endangered species, which is being savagely slaughtered by poachers as we speak! But, let's not forget, that we low life individuals, once again don't have the overall picture, andd are uncapable of independent thought in this regard. I now am wowndering if paqqrt of the secret deal that China made with Costa Rica (for diplomatic recognition) meanas that sa Rhino farm is imminent in the near future (in Guanacaste)! Yes Virginia, method exists for the rambling. At this point, anyone want to partner with me in the wolverine business? Respectfully

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