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This is a very difficult issue and sometimes depends on your relationship with your neighbors.


When a teenage boy in my neighborhood was playing music loud, I mean LOUD, I bought and gave him some earphones. At that point, I would have bought him an MP3 player! I told him that I understood that he liked music because I liked music also. But we liked a different kind of music so - please.... wear these earphones. (He also had favorite passages that he would play over and over..... and over...) I laughed and said - I don't want to hear it any more! We both had a good laugh and the music was either through those earphones or turned way down.


I think if you go to the confrontational "what is the law" route, you will only lose in the end. Not a good idea to make enemies of your neighbors if you can help it!


I would try to think of some more creative way to handle this.

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loud crazy music from sunup til sunup. i mean very loud. .


anyone know if there are laws about this.


Thanks. HUH..................... i cant hear you..........


Its getting very old. very fast...

Do not, under any circumstances get into any disputes with your neighbors - the only solution (and the best here) is move. Respectfully

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thanks ... move was not in the equation. LOL. we have been here four years and love our homes and property that we own, ...this too shall pass. we are going to rent the building on the river and turning it (the cantina) into a church Sept 1. Its all working out for the good. talked to the owner (our other neighbor) . the tenants lease is up and many complaints. so. Thanks again.

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