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House Rental contract

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We have our house listed as a rental. Were getting inquiries for this rental in the

South Pacific but have no contract ready for this type of thing yet. This is a luxury rental, is their a need for a contract to be made to protect ourselves from liabilities? A need for a deposit?? Were aware of others who go through their rentals without any of these things, just not sure how smart that would be. Is there something we need to protect ourselves from that we may have not thought of?



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I'm no attorney but I would say YES! to all counts.


You need to protect yourself and your property and a contract can help. Rental laws in CR definately favor the renter so the landlord needs to have all of the conditions of the agreement in writing. Even for my humble little casita my landlady had all of the lighting fixtures inventoried in the contract!


For a "luxury" property I would definately require a suitable deposit.


Yes, you can rent a property without a contract. CR law has some "defaults" that are in effect if there is no written contract. These may not be suitable for you.


I would say that your friends have been lucky. Find a good attorney to create a contract for you.

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