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Hello to all cat lovers,

I have an appointment with our Vet for next week. But I was wondering if anyone knows why my cat is losing weight? She seems to be hungry alot and she eats. She is a 12 year old indoor cat, she also seems to be more lovey-dovey lately .Any thoughts????????


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sometimes it is a symtpom of worms. its very inexpensive treatment. just take her and get her checked. we have four sweet pets. one kitty name Sweet pea we rescued from the highway. and two dogs we named Faith and Hope we rescued also from the highway, and a 11 year old crippled chihuahua named Chi Chi Take care. :)

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Since she continues to eat but lose weight, worms would be my observation. Is her belly seemly bloated? You can check her feces, there maybe worms in it or it may have a gel-like look. All it will take is a week or so of deworming meds to clear it up. Hopefully Its nothing more :)


We use Revolution monthly because it takes care of external and internal parasites.

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