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Would you like to CHAT in these Forum?

If we added a Chat feature, would you use it?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. If we added a Chat feature, would you use it?

    • Yes, I think it is a great idea, and I would definitely use it!
    • Yes, I think I might use it, but I am not sure how much.
    • Maybe, but probably not too often.
    • No, chatting does not interest me.
    • What is chatting?

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TicoGrande    0

ARCR is considering the addition of a Chat feature within these Forums.


Chat would allow you to open a new window on you computer so you could talk (type) online to other Members. This would allow Members of the Forums to Chat live with other Forum Members.


Guests could not use this feature until they joined the Forums (free) and logged in as Members.


A feature such as this would allow folks to meet and talk with others considering moving, retiring or transferring to Costa Rica or with folks who have already made the big move and live here every day.


As this feature would not be a cheap addition to the Forums, we want to know if you would actually USE it. Please help us decide. Only Forum Members will be permitted to vote. You may also enter you comments if you like.



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