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Upgrade of these Forums

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Notice anything different? We have completed the upgrade to our Forums.


To do this, we needed to make changes to the server on which this Forum resides, but all went as planned.


I have checked the Forums pretty thoroughly and have found no errors or problems, but clearly, I cannot try everything!


Many of the changes will be more or less transparent to our users, but here are a few of the changes:

  • You may now login from the home page directly.
  • You may now Search from the home page and other pages. Speed has been increased for searching.
  • You may now Search for three letter words instead of having to use four! Helpful when doing a search on "car"
  • You may change languages from any page (at the bottom)
  • The Calendar has been completely re-written and includes monthly calendars as well as the detail for the current month. Members may Post their events to this Calendar at no charge.
  • You now have the option of clicking REPLY to any individual Post. When you do this, it automatically places that Post in Quotes in your Reply. Very handy when referencing a particular Post or Replying to a particular Member. If you click ADD REPLY at the bottom or top of a Topic, no quotation is included.
  • You may change the "skin" of the Forum. This means how it looks to you, colors, etc. As of today, we have only one choice, the default, but we will soon have more from which to select.
  • You may now view the Forum Rules and Guidelines from the link at the top of any page. We suggest you read these.
  • There is a new "lo-fi" version of the Forums if you prefer NO graphics. To select this, scroll to the bottom of any page. It's right there next to the Skins and Language options. If you hate it, (and you WILL), you can always switch back!


Please browse the Forums and test the new features. If you find anything not working, send me an email at webmaster@arcr.net.





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