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Where we can find the companies-builders?


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Many thanks for answers. smile.gif

Good idea to buy the house one of the last in community instead of one of the first.


We have decided to buy the ready house in the near future.


We plan to pay about 5 % at once to start official registration of papers, and in 2 months to pay the remained sum.

Prompt what documents on the house and the land I should check up before purchase and receive after purchase?

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1) ELECTRICAL, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRICAL. This is a nightmare in this country.

2) PLUMBING, PLUMBING, PLUMBING. The second nightmare.

Often sewage empties to the street.

No stink pipes

No P traps.

Often inadequate septic system.

Better know your stuff when you go this route.

There are many other difficulties.

One house we looked at had a lot of mould around the exterior walls.

Others needed to be completely rewired.

Raw open wires in the bathroom and kitchen

NB. Over 1/3 of all house fires in CR are electricallyu related.

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Thanks for answers. smile.gif


Another questions.


What information I should take from the seller and the real estate agent for the lawyer which will do for me house check?


I'm not in Costa Rica as I can employ the lawyer for such check?


How many it (approximately) costs and how long to time?


Can somebody advise me some good lawyer in San Ramon area?

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David C. Murray matter is not in money for fly and in time and we buy the house for resale.


Let's return to a question.

Whether it is enough Cedula Juridica for get of the full information on the house?


Where I can receive Informe registral?


Whether there is enough check through www.registronacional.go.cr?


costaricafinca many thanks that you worry for me, but everything is all right. smile.gif


And in the world is more worst places than the San Ramon and much is what to change.


Whether a certain humidity and a fog of the inhabitant of Anchorage very will disappoint?

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